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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Will the adoption community world really care to give it a go to…… Change?

Time has change,

World has change,

People have change!

Changes are what see us…. as human of compassion…. Changing for the better!

But why are SOME in today society living in the dark ages, insist we must have more adoption changes in today world to fit in their world?

Making more changes to a helpless human being, that has no voice to say

“NO” to the changes of their Identity for life……..?

Where is their right……. like yours that use an old barbarian act to cut a natural order of life down?

Adoption is wrong it belong in the past Changes of a world long gone…..

For others to take and not to give…..

Give back he rights, change the terms of the contract, back to the child true living bio family world.

You don’t need to take remove Change a child true connection to give love……!

You only need to open your home, heart, and humanity to assist the next generation

Not to take….. Remove…… Hide…….

“Their True Tree…….

“If it’s so good Adoption”

“Then you “CHANGE” to THE CHILD family unity




Think about that before you change a child life

First change yours TO THEIRS

“I bet you would not! “

Kerri Small

President Within These Walls / Australian DNA Hub.


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