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Flip the Australian Sovereign Coin : Our Call to Action!

Background of Call to Action



Newton’s third law of motion tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In physics, this means that when an object collides with a target, there is an equal force going into and away from the target at the same time. The law of Karma generalises this rule to all areas of life beyond just physical motion in law.



When a person exerts a force on another person life force (a child that not bio theirs), that force will go into its intended target, but it will also return back to that person bio family connection later on. We are experiencing the truth of this by the process we now are seeing as people affected by adoption process are now using DNA Testing to find their bio family!

The adoption community has had it all wrong for years they keep taking but not giving to the child upon reaching adulthood the right to change with an equal reaction!



In this 2018 year.

By us, the people that are been made to be someone else forever family unit by other people choices not by our own choice Now say this!

“You are asking for changes to the laws for a faster way to adopt here in Australia to suit your needs!”



We, now as Australia adults that are forever chained to this adoption reaction having been removing from our bio family by your adoption motions!

Now declare and will challenge the right to have an opposite reaction motion to return to our bio family links that were before a court order in which you demand adoption process to take place for your needs.



"I now demand an equal process and equal  rights as an Australian citizen to undo the adoption order as easy as having adoption made in your favour."



Or are we to be discrimination, made to be the 2nd class citizen in this day age of where everyone is and should be treated as equal in the eyes of law, covering current, past, present and future adoption arrangements made for and on the behalf of the adoption community arena.

We have laws nowhere in Australia saying anyone can marry whom he or she wants it a personal choice!

Where is my/ our personal choice? Afford to us the adult adoptee.



Reciprocal our choice equally in all process to undo any new regulation including that current in place from past adoption upon reaching the age of adulthood here in Australia (18) bestowed upon Australian adoptees that right.



Let talk


Do we all agree its time for the 3 C’s; Changes, Challenges, and Choices for the Australian Adult Adoptees!


If you agree please follow the link to our Petition Page and we will be forwarding it to all Ministers and government bodies here in Australia now our Choice that must be heard and acted on!



Kerri Small President;

Within These Walls /Australian DNA Hub 2018

Thank you all.

2018 House of Representatives Standing Commission Submission by Australian DNA Hub / Within these Walls here

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