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Keys of Hope 

Keys of Hope (TM) is an initiative by Australian DNA Hub to help those in need by gifting  DNA kits to eligible people so they can find their biological roots.


The logo represents Giving a Hand Up not a hand down, whilst the lock represents origins hidden; the yearning deep within the heart for truth. The key is DNA testing which "unlocks" and reveals many tightly held secrets.

"Within Humanities heart resides the key of hope, our compass to finding the truth" - Kerri Small


Would you like to donate to our Keys of Hope initiative? Donating to us is very easy with many options.




Please note Keys of Hope is available to Subscribers of Australian DNA Hub and only on a case by case basis to be discussed with the committee. 




 The entire team thank you for your generosity of spirit.



Donate now!

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A New Way To Donate

Supporters can donate to the Keys of Hope program by directing drink container deposit refunds to the Within These Walls PayPal account. This can be done by scanning the TOMRA barcode below (print out or save to your mobile) at the Return and Earn reverse vending machines when you return your containers. The proceeds will be directed to Keys of Hope.

return and earn.png

Right click to save the image to your device eg 'Save image' or click on the barcode to open a pdf for download or printing.

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