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Here you will find useful documents and charts which will explain and illustrate the features of DNA matching and family research.

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DOC 5 Part 2 Who Were The Denisonvans

DOC 9 Part 4 Dictionary of Genetics Glossary

DOC 10 How Charts and Predictions Work

DOC 11 A Whole New World DNA Pond

DOC 12 Cousins Terms & Definition

DOC 13 Gedmatch part 1

DOC 14 Gedmatch part 2

DOC 15 Gedmatch part 3

DOC 16 Chart 1 Relationship Timespan

Chart 1 image.jpg

DOC 17 Chart 2 Male X Chromosome Line

Thumbnail Chart 2.jpg

DOC 18 Chart 3 Female X Chromosome Line

Thumbnail Chart 3.jpg

DOC 19 Chart 4  X & Y Inheritance Pattern From Parents

Thumbnail Chart 4.jpg

DOC 20 Chart 5 Which Parents Do Half Siblings Share By X

Thumbnail Chart 5.jpg

DOC 21 Chart 6 Main 3 Test Types Used In DNA  Genealogy

Thumbnail Chart 6.jpg

DOC 22 Chart 7 Where Can A DNA Match Come From In My DNA Tree

DOC 23 Chart 8 Climbing The Tree Branches Is Easy As

Thumbnail Chart 7.jpg
Thumbnail Chart 8.jpg

DOC 24 Chart 9 Orienteering Up Your Tree

Thumbnail Chart 9.jpg

DOC 25 Chart 10 Many Branches,Twigs and Tales

Thumbnail Chart 10.jpg

DOC 26 Chart 11 Ancestral Ethnicity Time Line

Thumbnail Chart 11.jpg

DOC 27 Ethnicity Perspective

DOC 28 DNA Ethnicity Score

DNA Ethnicity Score.jpg

DOC 29 AncestryDNA Relation Chart

Doc 30 AncestryDNA match confidence score 

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