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Australian DNA Hub is a non-profit organisation, which relies on a generous group of professionals and lay people to offer a range of services to those who have been affected by adoption. We rely on subscriptions and donations from individuals so that we can continue our vital work. We wish to create an extended multilevel support network in a "hands-on practical way, to heal hearts, to connect people, to bring them home.




It is hoped that in the near future that we are able to receive both Government and private sector funding to reach out to even more people.






Subscription cost is only $50 per annum.

Increased costs have regretfully made it necessary to require a yearly payment to keep DNA research accounts open.

To receive ongoing support, subscription renewals are due on 1st July each year.



A  "Hub" Subscription offers real value for money



Caring Peer to Peer Support

Adoption Advocacy

Online Support Groups for Indigenous and  Non-Indigenous People 

An information hub for financial members 

Contact and reunion assistance

DNA results interpretation assistance

Family Tree examination and advice

DNA Workshops around the country

Referral Services

An ever-increasing peer support network to help you in practical ways.

Keys of Hope DNA Kit Donation to those in need. read more

A policy of strict privacy and confidentiality with all clients.


All of these services for only $50 per annum which offers substantial value for money and supports the organisation that supports you.  Thank you for considering to join Australian DNA Hub.


We also accept donations. 








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