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The Hub is so grateful to the Hub subscribers who have taken the time to convey their member experiences with our organization.  Thank you.

I was introduced to Kerri Small by a distant cousin - another adoptee. Kerri was of great assistance helping me navigate the complex world of DNA. Her recommendation that I undertake a Y-DNA test (and her no-nonsense plain English interpretation of this test) enabled me to identify my father and to find my paternal family after 40 years of searching. During my search, I discovered that not only were my birth records incomplete (my father’s name was left blank on my birth certificate) but the ‘non-identifying’ physical, medical, occupational and family details about my father that were held by the NSW Department of Community Services were completely wrong. It was only through undertaking DNA analysis (and Kerry’s support understanding the DNA evidence) that I could discover the truth about my biological parentage and finally meet my brother and sister two weeks ago.


Sadly my father died before I could find him. My next difficult challenge is to get NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages to complete my birth certificate (and add my biological father’s details) and I am looking forward to working with Kerri throughout this process.





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I recently found about my birth mother through SA adoption July 2017.Then was given Kerri Small's details to assist me.

Since then Keri has worked around the clock to help me find about the fathers side of my biological past.


She helped me through Ancestry and other sites, To find my family.After 6 months Kerri found my first cousin on my fathers side.then she had to find who my father was, however there was 6 possibilities. 

We both did research, it was hard and emotional but Kerri was my lifeline.


A week before my wedding in August 2018, we struck luck and found out who my father was and who my siblings was.I invited my cousin and my half sister to my wedding, as it felt right and perfect to me.

And I also invited Kerri and her husband to my wedding,She was my golden angel, who gave me hope and support and I wanted her to share our day with us.


Kerri spend so much time helping me and giving me support even after I found out who my father was, and finding my siblings.

She is a beautiful person, who cares what she does and helps people find hope.


Thank you,


Bruce Smith


Great Organisation

“I am an adoptee and cannot thank the Hub enough for the ongoing counselling through my long and emotional journey and post-reunion support. ”

— David R, Australia

DNA Workshops

“Kerri explained complex ideas into very simple to understand concepts that helped me to break through a long-held brick wall in my family tree.”

— Helen A, Australia


“Kerri took me through the complex interpretation of my Ancestry DNA test with excellent results, I found my biological family.”

— Jenny B from Australia

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