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No Discrimination in the world?

“Yeah, well, if you’re adopted!” it well and truly alive and well!

Looking at my blond hair and blue eyes, I knew I didn’t belong. I knew that being adopted was not something you’d want to be.” I struggled with my identity and self-esteem all my adulthood and it seen the same relevance to adoptees of all races across Australia and the world

The whole world no the whole universal truths is held from adoptee people this then hinder us to grow to be healthy human missing the most information factor that would help us….. truth.

By the very fact we need and want to find our birth parents finding them is the single factor that helped us to gain identity that allow us to grow, but we are not allow to grow we are discrimination behind current laws and other people greed to within the truth by adoption to be someone else.

People the world and here in Australia don’t decide people who and what they are by basing them on religion or a handicap or any other common law of right. “But it happens to us the adopted one by those that use the adoption world community laws their need not our!

Adoption is institutional discrimination in Australian culture why is it not ask the most important question, ‘What happens when the child grow into an adult do they have to be chains to the adopter/ adoption community wants?

When they the adult adoptee person should and can make their own mind up what they want to know and be known as!

How would you feel if your parents where remove from your life because someone else wanted to be your parent and them wanted you to be their forever child?

Help us to develop new laws, policies most of all, by spreading the news this old practices of removing from one family to given another the baby it not natural and wrong. They live in the land of Peter Pan

Where adult adoptees live in the world of lies greater access to information to remove discrimination from our already upturn world to improve our lives.

I didn’t know I had brothers and sisters. I am still paying for it now as I try to learn to walk again in the circle of who is who! All my siblings from both side not just not me are learning to bond when it should had been natural from childhood, it like learning a whole need language.

Identity struggle IS so painful, we learn willingly for we have lost so much.

Had I been placed in foster care or a guardianship care that way there would have been access to files, blood relatives!

“Babies are not commodities, they already have an identities, they are human, not toys to share, don’t you agree?

Kerri Small.

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