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COOEEE!: A Call out to the people of this land. Can anyone answer this question please?

Help me to help others find their freedom here in modern day Australia.

Following the first fleeter who arrived here in 1788 Australia laws where developed to allow us to grow into a society and those laws of the past have service us well.

Many past acceptable laws are now seen unacceptable. Take smoking, now been found to be harmful, we have laws in place saying smoking is harmful, told to think about stopping look at the harm you doing and think of the consequent of it to your body and your family health in the long term.

Drinking and drive again in the beginning there where accidents on the roads people where harm by this law then changes happen, we are now told not to drink and drive. We all remember that terrible case of the person with a gun that kills all those people in Tasmania at Port Arthur gun law change.

So where am I leading you with this people of Australia?

A “Cooee”, to our government to say stops harming our adult adoptee they have no choices. It still in fact legal to this day, those that have age out from a past contract that remove them from family link - first name surname, contact to other siblings both current and future grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousin too!

When the child reaching the adult age is till legal binding to! In another word adoptees are a Slave to this contact for life!

A adults (after their 18 birthday) can have a licences to marriage, have the right to change their name by poll deed, leave home and live with other partners, get a passport chose without our parent or court consent !

So why is adoption still holding us now adult to a child contract that was done before our 18 birthday? Where the Humanity in people?

Who controlling the adoption law this country! I think it the adoption industry. They have no heart! or compassion for adult adoptee wants. We the adoptee are not free to choose.

In all of this mess of a law can anyone CAN’T answers this honestly who is the adoption really for?

Society, Government needs to answer this! Can anyone? Will anyone in Government answer this and see it for what it is!

Slavery.- Branded for life with no way out why?

Kerri Small President Within These Walls 2018

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