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The Matter of Truth

The matter of the truth

All over Australia and the world there an universe law with govern the law of the land to upheld to hold the “Truth” because it’s by which we live to honour our connection to each other’s, the communities, and friends but not TO our families !

Our family branches, our heritage, our culture the blood and bones of our genetics code that makes us who we are.

Yes environment also play a part but an small part.

All WE want is our connection point of our whole beings our DNA self for without it we never know where, in what place, in what time or future we will come from, be call upon to tell the truth for who we are to say we are; “Joe Smith,” but really “John Walker” in the court of human law adoption law is to lie and lying is an underlying diseases mentally.

It can be cure!

Join us in help those affected by it let the world know adoption is not the answer, to other people problem!

it an disease that over time have kill more human heart soul and wellbeing behind the walls of Society greed for a few that don’t the ability to natural have/ love a child, that they have to give them that society crowd look, an fix it way, for they who have health problem, instead help them to grief and get over it.

Not make another child grow to be also having problems that will continue to grow down the adoptee family line.

To fix a problem don’t make another n the process.

For soon the whole world will be under clouds of grief till the end of time.

Kerri Small

President 2018

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