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A Flip of the Australian Sovereign Coin : A Special Event this Sunday 22nd April 2018.

When we flip the coin we never know which way it will land heads or tails

So let talk about that !


Is where we think we know it all, where emotion rule the heart and needs of people in society that don’t fit in the norm (unable to birth their own next generation of family children)

They must have the same family game plan as everyone else to have been seen as doing it well raising family babies-children etc. Then they are good people they fit in the game of society laws that now govern us for their needs.

Why is it then they are been shown it a shame that they can’t have children?

They must then adoption to fit in!

The Tail side

The string in the tail!

For those people…. told to be grateful ……

In their best interest they must “Obey the adoption law an unnatural way of assisting those that need help!”

There no equal in the process…. so now we must from this day forward…. Challenge it.

It our right to challenge as adults we are no longer children in need!

In the day of equal rights, if they are going to make it easier to adopt any child for their needs

Here in Australia Then,

The flipping of the coin must be equal-----

For People made to be a part of it, to be able to undo the adoption process! (As per opposite side of the coin)

You can’t have one without the other ….That if you are going to play fair in this world!

You are fair peoples are you not? Those, which lived in adoption world community can you honesty answer this yes?

If not then you are not real people of compassion then you are Aliens that wants all but don’t give back when ask by us!

After all we live in a world where everyone should and do have the equal right to live as they want to!


Is this a case of no you are saying we have no rights when we reach adulthood?

I now want to lead the calls for more openness on this, next week though of the week will be how do we go about it !

Let me heard your voice on the matter our life our right to choose after all we are human adults not children anymore… right… or do we need to be children for life and remain in the fairy tale world of make-believe forever family!

Your thoughts please!

On our Australian DNA Hub website “Call To Action” Forum where I will open the First Forum Floor for changes to the working laws for “Us affected by Adoption Baby laws”.

“Our Right to Life Events”….. 22nd April 2018.

With this!

A Statement, about the law of nature that has until now not been understand or follow naturally by the adoption world here in Australia.

Newton's third law of motion tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. ... Sometimes it comes back right away, and other times it may take a while, but it will always circle back, and that is the simple and inevitable law of Karma.

Known as the ‘law of cause and effect,’ may reveal some key insights into bringing about meaningful changing of our Australian adoption laws currently hold us to an balls and chains law that needs to be change belong in the past, to allow the natural law of life to process. Our Life Not Yours to change it back to our wants and needs!

Kerri Small


Within These Walls /Australian DNA Hub 2018

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