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All you need is love <3

By the Beatle it never gets old!

One of my favourite songs!

There many form of love,

Love of the clean air we breathe.

The food we eat.

The world we travel in and enjoy.

The most important love of all is what surrounds you, as you learn your place in life.

The knowledge shared by bio parent’s sibling’s grandparents and so on in the real world is true love of all delightful colours.

But when the love is coloured darker blacker colours of another world, different, from the real true colour love it then it becomes poison to one soul.

Like the apple in sleeping beauty story it tell us who to trust and not trust!

Adoptees are sleeping beauty people they must run and hide until the love of someone truly looking for them supporting their well-being and not their own personal needs, begin to see the castle of real happiness in their own life.

So every time when I hear that song I see in my mind eye my true Prince charming that rescue me my DNA it’s what brought me home, to my castle, my homeland of family members that reaches out to me at the gate bridge that was lower by doing DNA testing, welcoming me home, what song lift you up and get you thinking of where,

I am today and where I going tomorrow in life?

Would love to hear from you we have a forum called “Come and say Hello” drop by for a chat! It is free I see you there.

Kerri Small President

Within These Walls / Australian DNA Hub

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