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Missing but now Found A Mother's Day Special!

Those Special day we celebration are not in my world. I Need, want, a way to mend my mind body and soul! For I am missing, a whole lot of my life here.

And yes I had a life where my body was able to grow in alien world ever so just a very small percent,

The rest is a lost mind in a sea of darkness as I look for that lighthouse to guide me home. The Soul asking where do I fit, belong, see the mountains stream of true knowledge of one past, so that my children, children can live in the ancestors shadow to have the connection to be like the ones that have gone before us by the blood way !

When one find the cupboard bare of food of knowledge to feed the little ones they too go without; In time they too are lost in the darkness.

So has Each Mother, Father, the day I was born, Christmas, New Year day and so on, I always been made to feel I am an nobody I don’t belong there.


I am another clan true soul mind and body thanks to DNA.!

I will, no longer be silence, so others may have their pretend day of celebration in this forever society world of Adoption community for now I am celebration on theses day and every other day I found the real world people that long ago now I can claim who I am not the adoption world paper stamp child.

I still need to be free to celebration fully like everyone else, for I now must challenge them in the court of law to have the slave of adoption remove from my soul so I am free to fly in the real world after all I am an adult am I not.

I do have a right… do I not…… or am…must I be forever a childlike Peter Pan that can never grow up?

Kerri Small President ; Within These Walls / Australian DNA Hub 2018.

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