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The Wind is in my hair

It was AncestryDNA testing that was the keys to unlocking the chains padlock that binds me to another man world wall.

There is no words really that I can find to say how I feel today. After 60 years of been a slave to another family my freedom has been granted ever very so a little a small bit of freedom for now. I am living with the knowledge of who I am but that all I can see and show to others is through the window from the outside the family home where I am lock outside. that building is the supreme court of our land here in Australia, the wind continue to sing to me that Bette Midler song “Wind beneath my wings” as I see there is movement within the community out the window with me calling to others to come,” The time is Now To Act”.

That for now only in my social circle is it known “WHO I AM” and now with the with the wind in my hair as I ride a car that is travel to all comer of Australia, we have given it a name “Call To Action” so we can begin the journeys to start, amending all current and past Australian Adoption Legislation to allow us to openly use our natural listed bio Birth Certificate as it is listed in Birth Deaths and Marriages, behind closed doors/filing cabinets but found by DNA testing and paper trails that was lock away from us as children.

As Adults not children, social, moral and legal should have the right afford to us as it is to others across our life time from the age of 18 no question ask.

Come and join community that wants changes and see equal rights for all, check out our “Call To Action” Forum for more information and support.

I feeling the warm of the sun shining on our faces on the road ahead instead rain falling of despair as we begin to gather to make this so!

To have our rightful Freedom we were born to;

To live our own life our way,

Time for Us to have a choice!

It’s Time for us to be given the right to choose! (Like those that choose to adopt)

Do you agree?

Mrs Kerri Small


Within These Walls / Australian DNA Hub 2018.

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