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Nature Vs The Law

You cannot change biology by using the law to remove it, It undermines the rights of a person background because their biological fathers and mothers were unmarried when they were born.

The current law in Australia only recognized people that have biology parents who are Married at the time of their Birth, that people in this placement of life should be the only ones allow to have normal paper genealogy paper “Certificate” from Birth Deaths and Marriages.

To create an inequality because of the personal predicament of a person by their parents is a discrimination to that person.

Why must a person be discriminated by their Parents action?

Why do we pay the price that called “Pass the parcel “Hot Potato” games till the music stop?

Why not stop it now, we are all human are we not?

People of Australia let set the records straight for the next generation of Australian Citizen.

Let stop the very law that make people struggle their whole life with their own person trauma,

Because a law say they must have a change certificate to use in today world.

Adoption law are way beyond today modern world needs to protect people born outside of marriage, there no shame in Parents not marrying these days. All it does is make an ongoing of putting people down as 2nd class living behind the shadow of the general public in which they must always keep looking for their true Identity so they may live a life of their choosing.

To be Real,

To be Right

To be Returned to their roots of family connection as told by biology.

Mrs Kerri Small


President; Within These Walls

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