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As time go by...

Time is a concept of where in a day/ night circle we living at that point in the circle of life that hasn’t been broken.

So when our circle of time/life is broken we go spinning out of our natural universe and crashing into another non-natural universe where as a square circle we become because of the trauma that are given to those taken from somewhere else and are make to live in it hurts like burning flesh it really does not to those that take but to those taken!

As this is a one on one event society doesn’t not see/ understand / or believe that it happen.

So where does that leave us? T

The people affected by the broken time clock of life?

We only have one timeline to live it not like we can do it all over again when things go wrong in that square time circle!

Going back would be science fiction to travel in a time tunnel that can never happen! ( Wish it would! )

But we are living in the real time of life has a square wheel trying to pretend to live as a circle wheel for other people!

The Time is now we need to reset the clock to our real time……… By been able to really resetting (dissolving) our time link to the adoption line and real set it back to our right time line Our natural /bio family time places.

Born too….. Married too…. child of bio parents (their death certificate)

So the DNA line of our descendants is true and correct,

After all there nothing more deflated moment in time loss wasted when you find you been deceived by others people greed to rob you of your true timeline in history for their own needs to be in time with someone else baby. That not their!

Let us be who we want to be known as…. is that so wrong…. that we must go to court and jump through a million hoops to asks for it……. when all everyone else does is to apply for it natural….?

Kerri Small


WithinThese Walls / Australian DNA Hub 2018.

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