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The Adoption Mirror Maze

We need to reflect!

I don't have the Ancestors family information in my life book it has the pages removed. In Adoption it’s really just a mirror maze for Adopters to be seen as a family unit in that small society world adoption people live in it’s really a head in the sand world for them.

Adoptees see no reflection. No one looks like us or acts like us, so I ask, who am I, and get told you are us, but I am not! It’s always the real answer I give back. When I yearn for more, my real family, society says I am betraying them?

In the big world we want to live our own way that our life choice to make why can’t it not be, we are real people that are not allow to be our self.

They get to do it by law I want to do it by law but when there no law for me to change this adoption, it’s a “One Way Street,” how is that right? There need to be a laws that give us the equal rights to live our own life of our choosing not a couple/ or one person want of the child/baby, in their life to fit in.

Adoptee want to fit in they have a need too.

We want to UN-adopt has a choice; we are adults we have a need too to fit in the real genealogy society no the adoption society.

So Society it’s time to fix this “One Way Street law.”

If adoption law’s, is right for some people in society so they may asked for a baby.

Than there has to be a law for other people in society so they may un-adoption as well.

Or are we going to continue to discriminate against some people just because you can?

Can you reflection on this, why some have a right to get something for their needs that fix the error in their life and make them happy.


Others also want to fix the error to make themselves happy in their life they can’t because there no law for them to do so.

Kerri Small

President Within The Walls

DNA Advisor Australian DNA Hub

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