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Taboo! Education is the key to remove taboos!

We need to put it out there further then we have been in fact across the whole countryside Australia the world and universe on all sound waves to reach everyone that can hear our call for we are here!

Lets Talk In the most difficult moments of life the people who really appreciate you, the public people of the world who read your column buy your paper watch your TV show do want to hear both side of printed spoken facts, why is there till only one sided the myths really been told can you answer that for us?

The Media arena can they please listen to the real people of facts not people of myths? Let see who has their head out of the sand and is looking and engage with the people caught in the main old man law of adoption who are put their hand up to say hear…. me… can you hear us over here instead of judging us by saying we are ungrateful when we turn the volume up collectedly to make us been notices.

Let turn this page over and see IT a fresh new insight the other side it you the media and those with their hand in the honey (monies) jar. Myths it seem sells more than fact! That collectedly we are ungrateful fact of people, we are reaching out to tell our story to get the known right facts of the real matters the truth… can you do it for the little people of this world battle for unknown ones who are till hiding in horror of lies …. do it for us let us own, be in our own skin please! But you keep throwing the door shut in our face! Locking the gate in the brick walls where other people have put us in.

Let see you Prove us wrong!

Talk to us print/ tells our concerns and hear on why adoption of the old school and it transgender into any another form of modern taking and rename children as someone else child is harming the children because we are the facts of living it children now all grown up and don’t want it to pass onto more people.

This is a life jail sentence for me and others, Family and Friends who ARE still to this day living under this shadow of “Black dog,” “Elephant in the room,” “Twilight zone world”’ whatever you what to call it. Where the Government will still have to find more monies for more mental health programme to assist and help those Effected By Adoption as they now age out into adulthood. Just stop the rot of harming children then the future of putting more people into the system will became less and therefore less monies they have to find it make sense or am I wrong!

The days of the 'it’ word “Adoption been TABOO as not spoken about THAT should be COVER over can be stop at the beginning. Listen to the voices they are coming to the top of the mountain now it’s time. “Adults Affected By Adoption,” can and will be heard we are not a ghost! Not children for ever, but adults come to the table and have a cuppa on us and listen and you be educate on Facts not Myths

I will pay for your cuppa will you come and have a chat with us/me. I promise I don’t bite please! Look forward to hearing from you all.

Mrs Kerri Small ~A person who is in a recovering family mode programme, who trying to fix the broken pieces in our Hearts and Souls ~ To Help Our Family Collectively Heal ~ From Adoption Harm~

President Within These Walls DNA Adviser Australia DNA Hub 2018

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