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Please Listen and learn the truth?

The way you are treated as a child can have lasting effects on you even in adulthood. That is why they say when you raise a child; you are raising the person that they will become.

For an Adopted person validating yourself is like glue keeping parts of your lost identity alive anyway possible which can leads to a stronger lost feeling of one sense of belief in one self-worth. There are some that feel ashamed, that feeling that they are defective, broken, unlovable, unworthy, stupid, ugly, worthless in my case I always doing things for other people hoping that they will say I a good person not how I always felt, as an unwanted baby/person I am have felted all my life blaming myself for been born.

So when you become an adult who cannot sense the true connect with other people, who cannot feel a sense of self, a sense of been a whole human being from baby / childhood / adult that is trying to find their own identity and preserve what little there is of it because it’s lost destroy by adoption demand to fore fill another adult feeling for a baby to preserve their right to be a family of their choosing which in turn tattoo trauma permanently.

Internalised development in the brain opens up to learn, to see things, to accumulate information, but in an unhealthy environment like adoption the brain, body will either fight for attention or continue to bottled up emotions as a result, the Adopted person will grow up without the ability to build meaningful understanding of who they are this then can have a leading to having long-term consequences for health in adulthood.

Adopted adults do experienced extreme stress and trauma from adoption right from the start baby- early childhood it all comes down to how we see ourselves it become the building blocks our outlook on life and the perception they have of the why how?

Other people can do what they do and this creates a feeling of fear, helplessness or horror leading to long-term consequences for health in adulthood of looking over one shoulder jumping at the sight of shadow

So why do we still have adoption hurting the next generation of babies-children put into this environment we must empowerment those that will listen to us those that are the true results of this poison policies to stop this from now and in the future, how by listening to the real truth the real stories, facts, adult adopted people are now lifting their voices up come on listen, hear their facts, their journey, speak with them don’t hide in the sentence; “We love them like our own, give them a roof over their head what more than that is what they all they need!

You need to listen to adult adopted people.

Give them the right to live their own life not to live a life you want! Is that too much to ask?

Kerri Small President; Within These Walls DNA Advisor; Australian DNA Hub

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