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There is no place like home

Like Dorothy in the Land of Oz, but I have my eyes wide open as I click my heels to start my way home.

My eyes are glowing with crystals going to my happy place….

I always wanted to meet my family on my father side of my garden path gate and this last weekend I did have my first pillow party with my cousins from that side ( He has passed over) I am over sixty year old!

My first at what should had been my sixty pillow yearly event!

The feeling of flying high in a big air balloon as the wind gentle fly me towards the hills in the distant and songs like sunshine on my shoulders filling my head I see, between the tears of happiness, my family waiting for me at last I found the right hill many hills gone down many valleys in my 60 years long journey home but home I am now.

Coming to it and coming too term with the fact it will be a short life ribbon events living with them, I LOST 50 YEARS lost do the people that make these laws understand the hurt we all feeling, but I am not grateful to have to be made to wait and travel on my own with no help from Government policies that are still hold me ransom to another family, I will go on…

I must live to be 120 years to have any chance to enjoy the company of my real family that what held from me all these years.

Why… what did I do ? That was so wrong that I had to and still am living a lie!

I living now for the first time in my life I feel real learning to be a sister to my siblings whom I should have learn when I was a child not an adult.

Come on Australian people, the “Real Good Aussie People” those that can and will treat everyone with respect not just the chosen few, that demand these babies for their own fairy tale.

Help us to be human before we die with no name to call our own!

All we want is our own natural family not the plastics one made by law made by those few that want to end our own REAL fairy tale stories to made their own somewhere over the rainbow where we do live in the land of Oz called Australia

Let us be happy, for we will never be grateful we didn’t ask for it. Because we will never be grateful living a lie!

Kerri Small.

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