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In the year 2018

At 21 in 1977 I was able to vote for my government I had a free right to this like everyone else in this country the land of the free! Of wide open space of rolling green plains and gems of the blue sea Australia a place I call my home.

But there one Disenfranchisement vote, I don’t have the freedom to be who I want to be I indentured for life as slave to another person name.

Why must I be part of someone else family unit when I have no natural claim by mother earth this is an rich man law an ongoing process to which I can’t buy, or ask someone earnestly or humbly for my own life line map to give to my children children.

It’s all lies we as societies here in Australia and the world over always say tell the truth, for it will set you free!

It’s the right thing to do

Lying gets you nowhere.

But to some not all people in their eyes lying get you…. A slave under the law of adoption for life

In this Year 2018 let start a movement to free those that are still in slavey by adoption only then will Australia be the land of the freedom for all.

Australians come on be the first in the world to lead the way so others follow, we might be the land under but we can be the land at the top of the freedom world for all to see let’s do it Now!

Kerri Small

President 2018

.#adoption #adoptee #birthparent # stolengeneration #australiandnahub

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