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Shoe box Opening

There is no lock on a shoebox, the ones we buy shoes in and after the shoes are long gone the boxes then houses a treasures of gold, where people of past generations often would put pictures and letters from their time on this earth so that family members of the future would find them and use them to build their genealogy to be given the richness of their past ancestors lives to shown how they fit, belong in the family trees.

Memories’ of their friendships, loves, harmony and happy events that lead to weddings, babies, and death.

In my shoebox when I look as a child it was always bare!


Because I was a doll bought in a shop.

My shoebox has nothing in it…

Except the only thing that matters to them and the adoption community; a Redone Birth Certificate which said I belong to them the adoptors, not born or belonged too!

I said it before and I say it again!

We are “Slave till the end of time,” we can’t go back to being a normal human.

Even, after we have reached adulthood.

Our bio – family shoebox- the one that fit us and only us has been thrown away by them!

We have no shoebox that has our family Memories that are our own!

Kerri Small

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