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The Heart of the Matter

Having a heart condition is a major event in anyone world the social, physical, financial ongoing impact including all the other emotions that come attach to your wellbeing understanding that as the flow on effect to your body, a very significant wave of internal volcanic reaction across your whole world including your wide circles of friends.

Families do rally around you including the team of doctors and nurses in the field of medical science you know they will look after you, managing the fall out effects as well as the physical condition on you, which in turn, flow over onto your family and friends.

Adoptee hearts do have an extra load to carry that the adoption/ open world do not see;

An important question… adoptee dread.

The unbelievable unseen, but real heart felt power; effecting adoptee the world over hate, fear; is when you have to disclose that you are an adoptee!

That the deathly 7 sins/letters attach to them is the most powerful force punch to turn the waterfall cool pond dreaming life style they have been living in the mind eye, to the other part of the brain where lives the black dog that deliver a blown killer rain downfall of black hail it hurt in the most unfabled way, remember the brain is feed by the blood that is pump by the heart it can only do so much against the force of trauma of past medical/ society intervention/ other people greed.

No amount of training will make adoptee fit into adopter world.

Nature has its ways of tell us to find home and home is where the heart is.

Australian Community by step up and speaking louder “adoption” is no longer the humane way to assist children/adult in today modern life style. Society the core heart of the people should be help families in needs; help those (Children) by the use of kinship clans that are giving them a hand up not a hand down to live.

Government need to be building a loving healthily more inform, peaceful country for Australians future, not one of greed just so others can play forever families.

Spread the words Adoption is a cancer of the heart and soul of a child/adult for life! It can be eradicated just like other cancers but this CANCER is not natural is manmade!

This one is killing not just adoptee but people connection to the adoptee as well.

Australia we are and should be seen as a compassionate community society.

Let be seen undoing the harm adoption is doing to the heart of it community.

Together we can change society to understand that Adoption is a cancer of the heart.

By listen; To THOSE who are affected by this manmade cancer of the heart.

One I believe; we as a community can and will cure.

Kerri Small.


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