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As adoption is a man made event where the process to make what is an unnatural life time event to an human being, taken a baby from it natural family world who has no way of saying no to these events then by this action alone they are given an life time injection of abandonment which in never given to any other child born and raised in an non removal family unit!

Adoption ends the experience of the child first interaction of been equal in the natural order of the universe stream of life. Their energy life force is send off in an uncontrolled roller-coaster event of mental health problem that continue to bubble below and do at time over flow into their main life stream of living, which can only be described as an “Square peg TRYING to be put in a round hole for life!”

The effects of the abandonment come in many forms and are FOREVER link into their inner mind as trauma.” A life that shows having been marked, branded by the action of others.

These Government events must be remove from future generation or else the Australian Mental health’s system will continue to grow uncontrollable that in time will and can effects all Australians not just those affected by Adoption world but also their partner’s, children they have etc, remember society is interlink with everybody and in time the effect will be are forever deem to grow uncontrolled and then spread right across life and damage other Australian community in many shape and forms; to be made to live in the black dog world of forever ongoing sea storms with no oars to assist everyone back to the safe haven of family life.

Who we are today in Australian Society?

Do WE really care for everyone in our great land we call home?

Or just a few that have a want of a baby to fill their needs of their loss unable to have children!

At the expense of another fellow human being who then must suffer at their request for life?

Kerri Small President,

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