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A book of hope is coming: Cornerstone

A book by Kerri Small from Within These Walls and Australian DNA Hub

In family history, the stories that are passed down generation to generation are more fun than factual. You will most likely have found a few of these “fun stories” in your family tree. You know, the stories about how Grand Dad stowed away on a ship to come to Australia or was he a convict? Or those whispers that your Grandmother was Indigenous Australian or was she Spanish?

Many stories were passed down and slowly you began to wonder if any of it were true! But there is a large dark gate obscuring the view from a past you know nothing about. You start to question ” what if it were true, the secrets within these walls”?

“This Year, This Book will open the world to everyone eyes!”

Guest Pre-viewer Wendy-Lou Tisdell.

President: Evan Art Council. Bathurst. N.S.W. Australia.

Where do you find the gate key?

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