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No Flowers in my vase

Looking one day in my own little garden there was no flowers in it why?

The unknown westerly winds had come in the night and blown them all away.

This in turn made me sad, at the same time thinking what can I do as I have no way to protect my next generation of flowers from my seeds? Controlling this beast of a thing that is not my friend in life; it’s my unknown unseen ghost that keeping me from what I needed to become me.

Stopping me from growing.

For I will never be able to become just like everyone else, I am always getting cut back down to the ground.

I need the rain, the sun and the goodness of the soil to become like the others in the worldly forest of the life, living breathing as any real person is able to do….To be, the same as others to fit : how good would that feel I don’t know!

So while my flowers in the garden can’t grow then my seeds from my soul will not be able to see the sunlight for the government forest is hiding all the earthly rights of this world from me and my children, there no hope there will be always no flowers of happiness in my Vase!

We need the sunlight to warm us we need air to enrich the buds on the seeds as they point to the sky.

Where are they?

The good winds of the day the one that balance this world in this universe?

Until they arrive.

My flowers will continue to be blown away?

Can the people of this country come together to be supporting; protect us including others affected from the government of these nightly winds that do harms to others because one night it might be you that harm in this way?

Think about it;

Can we all work together to fix it?

Kerri Small


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