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The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a chaos theory based on the sensitive dependance of the initial condition where a small change in one state ( of a deterministic nonlinear nature) does not make events predictable.

The term, coined by Edward Lorenz, gave a name to the phenomenon, that the idea of a small causes like the weather/ or in human natural world removing a baby from it parents may have larger effects in general down the track derived from the metaphorical example of the details of a system or events that has taken place.

This then grows into some big of natural unseen or heard of horror!

The seemingly inconsequential manner that this small event in time has only a very small change in initial conditions (baby crying for a time) then fits in , but later goes on to create a significantly different life event for all those around them or chaos!

So in affect adoption is causing a butterfly effect to a baby who has no voice so like a butterfly with it small’s wings making no sound it harmless then it has sound!

The concept of instability been given to a baby/child so much so of the qualitative data that has been collected by a small group looking at adoption/ is a good thing against a bad thing is non-statistical begin guided by the small number of material at hand. Findings although conclusive they don’t understand or factor in Mother Nature!

The human side of the effect is now providing information coming out the middle field not left or the right straight at you, that butterfly effect is now become the Hurricane that was started by a seeming harmless Butterfly which we all look upon and love at one stage, the baby in the arms of the adopted parents with beautifuly picture of ours but collected it’s chaos coming at you in the dead of the night!

Hang on people the sound is going to be like you ever hear before.

The Butterfly Effect It is real! And it is coming !

Kerri Small

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