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The Colours of the Wind

My earliest memorises on the farm is laying in the semi long grass watching the hens and chickens go about their daily lives as they looking for food then rolling over and looking at the clouds. Closing my eyes and seeing in my mind eye that the grass is green, the sky blue with the land we all live on our mother earth wheat/brown.

But what colour is the wind? I can’t see it but can feel it!

Dreaming now what colour fits the wind? What colour do I pick?

What do I see appearing when raindrops have fallen, beautiful colours of the rainbows lighting up the darkness especially when I feeling sad.

I, longing for a clear blending pyramid of light, to light up the adoption forest of darkness in which us adoptee must live.

To see what rainbow I belong to but how do I find that rainbow?

Finding those rainbow crystals that lead home by the willy willy (A whirlwind or dust storm) coming out of many forest ranges’ blowing at our back, hearts ready to go the unknown distance, breathing in the air that lift us as the new day dawn blowing us gently across many fields we find ourselves flying into a new world, a DNA world.

Where adoptees can see/ feel all the colours of their family trees growing in gardens of many, around the world in our DNA matches the world over.

I dreaming that one day all adoptees will see what colours their winds is blown from.

We can and do feel the connection to other worlds in our lost world it in our guts our genes.

Slowly, we are feeling the wind freeing us from the chains of adoption.

It takes many colours of the wind as it snake it way on our tree wall of family branches for our children children to have a future of knowledge of their cousins and history too.

To be free from the adoption chains past and present.

Now what colour is your wind?

Well mine is the sunlight golden that has shown me and others the way.

I found my family connection while still been held to ransom by others.

Using the coloured wind called DNA testing come join me, the time is now!

Let’s all light up that darken sky cause by adoption.

Restored by the colours of the wind of the universe to where we all belong.

Kerri Small.

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